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Personal and corporate giving reflects the values of both the individuals and the organizations. Many have historical and intimate connections to certain causes. Because Hope Air serves all ages and all illnesses – from all across Canada – we can add a new dimension to your current giving strategies or offer an innovative way to help a chosen target group that may rejuvenate your organization.

Specific Flight Funds: Create the change you want to see in the world. Interested in supporting children with cancer? Or perhaps people of all ages living in a particular geographic area? Hope Air can create a specific flights fund in your corporate name that is specific to the age, disease and/or geographic area you are most interested in. The options are endless. Your employees could be involved in the design of your designated corporate flight fund.
Build on Your Brand: Promote your brand image to your stakeholders. Individuals and companies in the aviation industry are particularly well suited to a partnership with Hope Air. As a unique national charity involved in the aviation field, Hope Air builds on aviation brands to enhance relationships within the industry. Similarly, individuals and organizations dedicated to promoting access to healthcare can find excellent partnership opportunities with Hope Air.

Contact Hope Air to discuss your corporate goals and the unique opportunities we can develop together.

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