Tell Us Your Story
Have you flown with Hope Air – or assisted someone to get a flight with us? Tell us how Hope Air helped you or someone you know get to their medical appointment. Your story may appear on our website!

Note: Certain information can be kept confidential if you request it, like your name and hometown.

Your story can help Hope Air in a lot of ways: it helps us to explain how important our flights are to potential donors and supporters. We also share your stories with our current Airline Partners and Donors to show them how they are helping Canadians of all ages get to healthcare.

Tell us about the Hope Air flight:

Ideas to consider:
Why did you need the flight? What made you want to fly to the appointment? Was it distance, urgency, comfort, time commitment (i.e. days from work or school), weather, hazardous roads? Or a combination of those?
How did you hear about Hope Air?
How did the flight make getting to healthcare easier?
What airline/volunteer pilot did you fly with?
What was the flight like? What did you enjoy?
Were you relieved to fly? How did you feel getting the flight?
What would you have done if you could not fly with Hope Air? What were your alternative travel plans?
Did flying relieve your stress and financial challenges? If so, how?
Upload a photo or image:
Consider an informal picture of you alone, at the hospital, with your family, or even a pet
Children are welcome to upload a drawing about their flight
Why? Photos that accompany your story really help Hope Air put a face to our Clients. However, we understand if privacy is an issue: if you do not want to provide a photo, please still share your story with us.
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