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Hope Air welcomes all donations, and treats you, our donor, with respect and appreciation. Currently, 87% of all revenue and in-kind donations are directly applied to Hope Air flight programs. We always work hard to keep administration costs low and our goal is to provide 90% of ALL donations directly to the Hope Air Mission of Getting Canadians To Getting Better!

While Hope Air has historically relied heavily upon donations from our Airline Partners and our Volunteer Pilots, we are now actively raising funds to purchase flights when donated seats are not available. Your donation could be the difference in getting someone to the diagnosis or treatment they desperately need.

Consider the following gifts, and how they make a difference in someone’s life:

$500 pays the fees and taxes for a return flight for a child and his/her mother;
$250 pays the fees and taxes for a return flight for a senior living on a fixed income;
$205 pays part of the operating costs on a Volunteer Pilot’s aircraft used for a Client flight;
$75 pays for one hour of flying time for a Volunteer Pilot taking a Client to the treatment they could not receive in their own hometown;
$50 and other gifts are joined together and work towards the cost of a flight for someone who needs a diagnosis from a medical specialist only located far from home.
You can donate at Canada Helps safely and securely, by cheque via mail (address below), or by calling with your credit card number at
For your convenience, we have two mailing addresses:
Hope Air
Suite 207, 124 Merton Street
Toronto, ON M4S 2Z2
Hope Air
Suite 102, 211 Columbia Street
Vancouver, BC V6A 2R5
You can also help by organizing a fundraising event in your community. To find out more, see tips on how to Host a Fundraising Special Event for Hope Air.
Tax receipts are provided for donations of $10 or more.
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