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Canada is a country of vast distances, and so people in smaller, distant communities, far from larger urban centres, often face enormous challenges in accessing the healthcare they need.

Hope Air helps make Canada’s universal healthcare accessible by bridging the distance between home and hospital, patient and physician.

Why Canadians need Hope Air
Specialized healthcare and innovative medical technologies are typically located in large cities, far from our Clients’ homes
Most Hope Air Clients live at – or below – the poverty line (the basic income needed to cover expenses such as rent, food, clothing, etc.)
If not for Hope Air, some Clients would have no option but to take a car or bus ride of up to 12 hours or more – each way – to reach the healthcare they need
Many Clients tell us they would cancel or indefinitely postpone their medical appointments without access to the free flights Hope Air provides
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Some of the Routes Served Across Canada
Briana's Hope: Avoid a long, painful drive
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