Gifts of Securities

Donating shares to Hope Air can reduce the cost of your gift
When you donate stock to Hope Air, you avoid paying tax on your capital gains. So, the gift costs you less than if you were to sell your stocks in order to give cash; and Hope Air still receives the full amount of the donation.

For example, if you were to sell shares that you own to give Hope Air a cash donation, you would receive a donation tax credit but you'd be required to pay tax on your capital gains (you will be taxed on half of the gain, at a maximum rate of 45 per cent). If you were to donate the shares directly to Hope Air, you would receive the same tax credit for the value of the shares, but wouldn't pay any tax on the transaction.

This resource explains in more detail the benefits of giving stock to charity.

Seek the advice of your financial planner or investment advisor to determine the best option for you. 

Through the gift of stock, you can help Hope Air be here for patients and their families when it matters most.

How to donate securities

Step 1: 
 Download the securities transfer form

Step 2: 
Complete form and transfer gift electronically

Step 3: 
Notify Jon Collins when transaction is initiated