Brand Resources

You can download Hope Air’s brand resources to spread awareness about our cause and share your support of Hope Air. Below you’ll find our logo and informational marketing materials.

Logo Usage

When using the Hope Air logo, follow the requirements described below. By downloading or using any logos, you agree to adhere to our visual identity guidelines.

Hope Air Visual Identity Guidelines

Each logo variation is provided for a white or black digital page. The PNG files have a transparent background and should be used on any page with a background colour other than white or black. Note: the black and/or white square background is not part of our logo.

Primary Logo:
Use in online and print materials where possible
primary logo
Horizontal Variation:
Use in online and print materials when dictated by layout (E.G. website header or horizontal banner to save space
horizontal logo
Revesed Out (White) Logo Verions:
The logo must be clear and visible, set on a background which shows contrast. Busy backgrounds must be avoided
reversed logo

Other Marketing Materials

Download Hope Air’s brochures and posters for your workplace or fundraiser to spread the word about Hope Air.

Corporate Brochure Corporate Brochure
Client Poster Client Poster
Client Card Client Card
Volunteer Card Volunteer Card
Boarding Pass Boarding Pass