Sudbury woman grateful to reach specialists far from home 

A long-time Hope Air patient from Northern Ontario is convinced she would not be able to walk as well today if not for Hope Air.  

Pauline had issues with her knees and required a hip replacement in 2019. She was not able to receive the necessary medical care in her hometown of Sudbury due to the complexity of the surgery.  

She needed to travel to Toronto, but completing the journey by road was not an option. It was difficult to find someone to drive her and sitting in a vehicle would be next to impossible during the journey back home after the surgery.  

“In the big city [of Toronto] there was more access, and the doctors could do more tests and had more equipment.” 

Pauline initially heard about Hope Air in 1999 from her local hospital when she had to travel to Toronto for a bone transplant. Since then, she has relied on Hope Air’s support to travel from her hometown to Toronto for follow-up treatments and routine check-ups.  

“The process of contacting Hope Air was very smooth. My flights were very well arranged. Even the flight attendants were kind to me on the plane.” 

Had Pauline not heard about Hope Air, she would not have been able to maintain her health over the years and receive the specialist medical care she needed. 

“I appreciate Hope Air’s efforts to the max. Without their continuing support, I would not have the health I have today.”  

Like Pauline, many Canadian patients reside outside of larger city centres, making it difficult for them to access medical care. Hope Air aims to close the gap between home and healthcare by providing free flights and accommodations for patients in financial need reach vital medical care far from home.