Give Hope Wings

Two epic flights to launch thousands of others

Give Hope Wings is the largest volunteer-led fundraiser in Hope Air history. Championed by pilot Dave McElroy, group of pilots circumnavigate different parts of the world in support of Hope Air. There has been two expeditions to date - the Americas Expedition and the Northwest Expedition. Give Hope Wings has raised a total of $770,000, providing more than 3,000 Hope Air medical access flights to those in need. 
Hope Air estimates that for every flight arranged, 45 people benefit. This means more than 135,000 people were touched by the 3,000 flights provided by the donors, pilots, and volunteer flight crew who made the two Give Hope Wings expeditions possible.
Give Hope Wings Americas Expedition (2018)
The Give Hope Wings Americas Expedition spanned two months and flew a total of 20,000 miles (32,186 km). Pilots Dave McElroy (Kelowna, BC), Russ Airey (Windsor, ON), and Harold Fast (Spiritwood, SK), circumnavigated Central and South America to raise $520,000 for Hope Air. To spread the word about Hope Air, the Give Hope Wings crew engaged patron Dr. Roberta Bondar h(OC O.Ont MD PhD FRCP FRSC).
The expedition introduced 300 new donors to Hope recruited eight key supporters to form their Volunteer Flight Crew: Peter Smith, Bob Vance, Woody Stewart, O’Brian Blackall, Ian Porter, Colin Rosengren, Craig Smith, Terry Grover.
Give Hope Wings Northwest Expedition (2019)
The Give Hope Wings – Northwest Expedition happened from June 15th – July 6th 2019 and flew a total of 13,167 km, landing at some 35 airports along the way. The expedition was completed with over 50 hours of flight time during the 3-week journey. The expedition raised our goal of $250,000, enough funding to provide 1,000 flights for patients in need of medical care.
The pilots included Dave McElroy (Kelowna, BC), Steve Drinkwater (Sechelt, BC), Ian Porter (Vancouver, BC) and Lise Ash. An anonymous donor gave $50,000 to Hope Air for a scholarship on behalf of two female pilots (or pilots in training), enabling them to join the expedition. The chosen pilots were awarded the opportunity to fly with the Give Hope Wings crew.  Anna Rusinowski and Annamarie van der Meijden were the winners.
In total, the expedition attracted 30 sponsorships and more than 250 individual donors, including the Volunteer Flight Crew: Alexis Thind, Rani Tolton, Annamarie Van Der Meijden, Anna Rusinowski, O’Brian Blackall, Lise Ash, Steve Drinkwater and Ian Porter.
We are grateful to the generous supports who made this expedition a success.