Scotiabank and MD Financial Management



Hope Air is proud to collaborate with Scotiabank and MD Financial Management, which have donated $100,000 to help fund approximately 400 flights for patients in financial need who live in British Columbia and Alberta and must travel to access medical care.  

Their support comes at a crucial time when the pandemic is presenting more challenges to families who are struggling with the cost of getting to life-saving treatments. Families should not have to choose between medical care and paying for food and rent.  

“In collaboration with MD Financial Management, Scotiabank is pleased to support Hope Air’s mission to help patients access the vital medical services and treatments that they need,” says Sandra Odendahl, Scotiabank's Vice President of Social Impact and Sustainability.  

“Though the support of Scotiabank and MD Financial, patients travelling for medical care are able to access the vital medical appointments and treatments they need,” says Hope Air CEO Mark Rubinstein. “Their generosity provides a lifeline for families.” 

Hope Air is incredibly grateful for Scotiabank and MD Financial Management’s support. Thanks to their generosity, patients will be able to focus on what’s truly important — their health.