Board of Directors

Jay Woo
I have had the privilege of serving Hope Air since 2015 as a volunteer pilot and a fundraiser during which time I have witnessed the meaningful and direct impact that Hope Air has to people who depend on this critical lifeline. It is an honour to serve in these capacities and now also as a Director on the Hope Air Board.
Jay is the President & CEO of the CAA Group, a company whose mission is to protect Canadians from coast-to-coast across its various companies. Commencing his career with CAA as the chief information officer, Jay pioneered and led the development of predictive machine-learning algorithms that enable CAA to predict the location and time of future emergency roadside breakdowns as well as physical risk for its insurance companies. These innovations directly allow CAA to take proactive measures to protect the members who depend on CAA. Jay subsequently served as CAA’s chief operating officer.
Jay graduated summa cum laude in aeronautics from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, in psychology from Carleton University, in risk management from the University of Toronto and in fire and forensic science from the University of British Columbia. As a commercial pilot, Jay also serves as a volunteer pilot on Hope Air missions and actively leads efforts to raise awareness and funds for Hope Air so it can perform its critical responsibilities of helping low-income Canadians reach life-saving healthcare from the remote areas of Canada. Jay was also short-listed as a NASA astronaut candidate in 2016 and is honoured to have served on the Hope Air Board of Directors since 2019.