A new look for Hope Air

Hope Air new logo
Earlier this year, we unveiled our new logo – a simple yet powerful image that visually embodies the uniqueness of Hope Air’s work. The softness of the cloud’s shape is caring, aspirational and hopeful. It represents the hope that is felt by each patient travelling on a Hope Air flight. In contrast to the light, loosely-shaped cloud, the plane is a bold and tightly-lined shape, symbolizing the assurance that Hope Air gives to the people we help.
We’ve also revised our mission statement: Hope Air provides Canadians in financial need with free travel to medical care far from home. The tweaks in wording are subtle, but the implications are strong – Hope Air exists to bridge the gap between home and hospital that exists in our vast nation. We envision a country where no one has to miss vital medical care because of where they live, or because of the cost of travel.    
The pieces of our revamped brand continue to fall into place with our new tagline: Better access. Better health. Hope Air is about more than the flights we provide and our new tagline reflects our belief that accessible healthcare leads to healthier communities.
As we put forth these new pieces of our public image, Hope Air remains the same caring and compassionate charity it has always been, but with a bolder look and a more direct message: access to healthcare saves lives, and we are proud to help Canadians get to the care they need.
These foundational pieces of our public voice will guide us in making a meaningful impact on the people and communities we serve.  

Posted on: Nov 06 2017