Hope Air has a new logo!


Hope Air is proud to unveil its new logo, which is simple and strong, bringing to mind Hope Air’s important service – it is a visual that concisely captures the uniqueness of Hope Air’s work.

The softness of the cloud’s shape is caring, aspirational and hopeful. It represents the hope that is felt by each Client travelling on a Hope Air flight. In contrast to the light, loosely-shaped cloud, the plane is a bold and tightly-lined shape, symbolizing the assurance that Hope Air gives to the people we help. It is a confident, purposeful plane that soars through the sky to its destination.

The logo’s text is strong and bold, emphasizing hope as the core of our brand. Hope Air’s new logo is unique in its simplicity – it’s an iconic assertion of our work and versatile for its use in components. Just as the plane pushes onwards to new horizons, we look forward to the years to come, forming new partnerships and exploring new opportunities that will help us reach more Canadians who must travel to vital medical appointments.

Posted on: Jan 31 2017