Bryony Prince George, BC

After a difficult delivery of her baby Bryony, mom Jessica recalls that doctors in Vancouver told her Bryony had suffered a brachial plexus (nerve) injury to her left arm and would need to receive treatment in Vancouver for the next 14 months. The problem for Jessica was that she didn’t live in Vancouver, and the prospect of having to return for treatment was simply not feasible.

“We were originally air ambulanced to Vancouver because Bryony had heart issues when she was born,” says Jessica. “While those issues subsided, we saw some specialists who said that she would need to come back to Vancouver to have her brachial plexus injury treated. That would mean an eight-hour drive at best to visit – and likely a lot longer with a newborn.”

"My husband I are so grateful for this service. It’s been a tremendous help to making sure Bryony will be healthy."

Unsure of how they would manage to visit Vancouver from their home in Prince George, Jessica notes that the social workers at BC Children’s Hospital mentioned Hope Air to her, and that the charity arranges free flights for people like her: those who would be put under financial stress by flying to and from specialized medical care far from home. “The social workers were so helpful. We were already in Vancouver after the air ambulance, but knowing we’d need to come again, they pointed us in the right direction and I quickly made a request online. Bryony-4.jpg Soon after I contacted Hope Air’s volunteers and we had our flights booked!”

“My husband I are so grateful for this service. It’s been a tremendous help to making sure Bryony will be healthy. I’m not sure what the alternative to free flights would be, but thanks to the social workers letting me know about Hope Air from the start, I haven’t had to consider any other options. It’s been a help at every step.”

Thanks to being able to keep her appointments, Jessica says that Bryony’s brachial plexus has shown improvement, and while future appointments will be needed, her doctors say she is making good progress.