Andrew Client Care Volunteer

Andrew-in-story.JPGTell us about yourself outside of volunteering: work, hobbies, etc.
 I recently finished my undergraduate degree in psychology, specializing in mental health at the University of Toronto and am in the process of applying for a postgraduate degree in Psychosocial Rehabilitation, as well as my masters in Social Work. Outside of volunteering, I try to go to as many concerts and movies as I can, play video games, and watch anime. Most recently, I have got into building models.
How did you hear about Hope Air, and when did you start volunteering?
 I came across Hope Air on the Charity Village website, and after taking some time to look into the organization and applying, I started in November of 2017.
What appealed to you about being involved?
 After looking more into the organization and seeing the stories of the people that Hope Air has helped, I believed that getting involved with Hope Air would be provide me an opportunity to work with many different people and help me to better develop the empathy needed to work with clients in my future pursuits.
What do you do in your role?
 I am a member of the client care team, which means I help clients make flight requests, confirm their appointments, ensure that they are able to travel, as well as provide clients with their flight details.   
What do you enjoy the most about volunteering here?
 Honestly there is so much that I have enjoyed about my time spent here, including everything from the team I work with to the gratitude you hear from clients by giving them their flight details. However, what I enjoy most about volunteering here is the knowledge that everything we do, even if it’s just calling a doctor to confirm an appointment, has a direct impact on a person’s life.
What’s been most memorable?
 The most memorable moment for me came after I gave a mother details for a flight for her and her child. She was so grateful we provided assistance for their travel that she couldn’t stop thanking us and started to break out into tears over the phone.
What’s surprised you?
Growing up in big city like Toronto, I had always thought that the treatments people need do not require extended travel, seeing how there are over 40 hospitals in the city alone. However, having worked with many clients who live in vastly smaller cities and towns comparatively, I have been reminded that this is not actually the case. Volunteering with Hope Air has really shed some light on just how big of a gap exists in healthcare in Canada and how the extra financial burden of travel costs can affect someone’s treatment.