Menghan Client Care Volunteer

Client Care volunteer MenghanMenghan has been volunteering for Hope Air with the Client Care team since the summer of 2017. A native of Guelph, Ontario, she is a University of Toronto graduate currently enrolled in the paralegal program at Seneca College. Menghan is also studying French while volunteering two days a week at Hope Air.

One of the many things that Menghan loves about volunteering is taking calls from patients across Canada. After collecting relevant information for travel requests, she confirms information such as appointment dates and times with doctors. She also determines if the patient needs an escort on their trip, be it a parent or caregiver.

Once the proper travel arrangements are made, Menghan gets to do what really motivates her at Hope Air: contact the patient with good news. She is often able to make that call in a day or two, and finds the efficiency of the process especially gratifying.

“The best part is when you get to call people with confirmed flight information,” she says. “It makes our patients so happy.”
“I have learned a lot about the resilience of people. Most people we help here are very sick, and yet they remain optimistic."

“I have learned a lot about the resilience of people. Most people we help here are very sick, and yet they remain optimistic. It’s also heartwarming that we have so many volunteer pilots and I’m glad we have phone lines, because some people in remote communities don’t have access to the internet.”

Menghan also enjoys working hand-in-hand with Hope Air staff and her fellow volunteers.

“I really love the collaborative nature of Hope Air and the dedication of my colleagues. They always make sure that patients are cared for,” she says. “They work so hard and are great at time management. It’s such a small staff but we manage to get so much done.”

A dedicated volunteer, Menghan is sometimes unable to leave the office on time. That’s because she is determined to make sure that all the pieces of the flight puzzle fit together, and works hard until they do.  “That way I can notify the patient and offer them some peace of mind,” she says.

We’re grateful to have such diligent volunteers like Menghan on our team.