Complaints Policy



Hope Air is a registered Canadian charity that is committed to high standards of conduct. We recognize that from time to time there may be concerns or complaints about our services, events and/or the conduct of the charity or its representatives, and we believe our clients and stakeholders have the right and process for complaints All concerns and complaints shall be addressed in a timely, fair and respectful manner with transparency and confidentiality. This Policy does not apply to those expressing dissatisfaction with the nature of, or principles underlying, our charity purpose.  

Hope Air’s Commitment

Every complaint received by Hope Air will be kept confidential and the process of handling the complaint will be transparent at all stages for the complainant. The review of all complaints, formal or informal, will be fair and impartial and all Hope Air staff members and volunteers handling the complaint are required to attempt to resolve each complaint promptly. All Hope Air staff and volunteers are required to have a working knowledge of this Policy and fully co-operate with the processing of any complaint received by Hope Air.  

Complaint Defined

Complaint: an expression of dissatisfaction about the service, actions, or lack of action by Hope Air as an organization, a staff member or volunteer acting on behalf of Hope Air. Examples of complaints include, but are not limited to:
  • Perceived failure by Hope Air to do something agreed upon
  • Failure to observe Hope Air’s published policies or procedures
  • An error (perceived or actual) made by a Hope Air staff member or volunteer
  • Unfair or discourteous actions/statements made by a Hope Air staff member or volunteer

Informal Complaints Process

Often a problem or concern can be handled by communicating to the staff member or volunteer who you have dealt with. Complaints may also be directed to the Chief Development Officer for any matter relating to fundraising, marketing and communications and to the Director of Client Care operations for all matters relating to the review and provision of programs and services for medical travel arrangements. Complaints relating to the administration and financial affairs of the charity may be made directly to the Chief Executive Officer.

Should your complaint remain unresolved, you may also escalate the matter to the Chief Executive Officer. Complaints regarding the Chief Executive Officer may be addressed to the Chair of the Board of Directors on a confidential basis. Complaints must be made within a reasonable time of the alleged misconduct (so that events are fresh in mind) and be submitted in writing via email. Complaints can be emailed to: Complaints addressed to the Chair of the Board of Directors can be emailed to:

All complainants must provide their name and contact information so that follow-up action can be taken. Hope Air will acknowledge receipt of a written complaint within two (2) business days.

Any bona fide complaints alleging criminal activity of any kind will be forwarded by Hope Air to local police authorities promptly.

Procedure on Handling a Formal Complaint

The steps noted below will be followed when a complaint is received:
  • The complainant has lodged a formal complaint, in writing.
  • The complaint provides clear details with applicable dates.
  • Once a complaint has been received, it will be reviewed and responded to within thirty (30) days.
  • Appropriate steps for resolving the complaint will be determined and implemented, taking into account any suggestion towards resolution received from the complainant.
  • Potential responses to the complaint may include:
  • a) Dismissal of the complaint
    b) Changes made to Hope Air operational processes, policies or procedures.
    c) Issue of a warning or corrective action relating to staff or volunteers
    d) Other appropriate measures, as determined

    The complainant will be informed, in writing, regarding the resolution of the complaint.

    Approved by the Board of Directors: April 5, 2023

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