Demand for Hope Air Services in Newfoundland & Labrador sees dramatic growth in 2023

February 22, 2024 – Hope Air announced today its report in assisting patients in Newfoundland & Labrador, in 2023. Demand for the charity’s medical travel support programs grew a remarkable 110% compared to prior year. This surge in demand resulted in 1,595 travel arrangements for patients across the province facing financial hardship in accessing medical care in remote or smaller communities.

This achievement includes 873 airline flights, 552 accommodation nights, 40 ground transportation trips, and over 130 meals provided to patients requiring overnight stays for medical treatment. Hope Air’s mission is to offer free, non-emergency medical travel to individuals and families in financial need who must journey long distances to receive essential medical care.

“This record-breaking year underscores the escalating demand and need for Hope Air’s programs across Newfoundland and Labrador” said Mark Rubinstein, Chief Hope Officer. “Ensuring equitable access to healthcare, irrespective of distance or financial constraints, is a fundamental right for people everywhere.”

“I’ve always believed that in times of difficulty, our Newfoundland and Labrador community needs to come together to support one another” says Jim Burton, past-Chair of the Hope Air Board of Directors and President, Rotary Club of St. John’s Northwest. “This is why I’ve always supported Hope Air in its goal to help the people of our province access the care they deserve. As demand soars for Hope Air, I’m determined to ensure that no Newfoundlanders and Labradorians are left behind.”

Funding to support Hope Air programs and services is generously provided by the government of Newfoundland & Labrador as well as generous donors who support the charity’s mission.

Hope Air has had a long-standing commitment of service to the people of Newfoundland and Labrador since our founding in 1986. Over the years, more than 13,000 travel arrangements have been provided for residents, given the unique travel needs of patients in the province. By providing vital assistance, Hope Air aims to promote better health outcomes, reduce poverty, and foster stronger communities throughout Newfoundland and Labrador.

About Hope Air
  • Hope Air is Canada’s only national charity providing free medical travel through airline, accommodations, meals and ground transportation services, for Canadians in financial need, who must access health care far from home. Since its inception in 1986, Hope Air has provided more than 170,000 travel arrangements for patients, regardless of age or medical condition. For people living in small and rural communities, distance and cost are very real barriers to accessing timely and equitable medical care. Hope Air is a unique and essential part of our Canadian healthcare system. For more information, visit
  • Hope Air operates in all provinces and provides a comprehensive set of medical travel services including airline, hotel, ground transportation and meal subsidy programs. Airline transportation is coordinated through partnerships with commercial airlines and through Hope Air’s volunteer pilot program. Hotel accommodation and Hope Meals programs are delivered through Hope Air partner hotels near Hospitals and medical care. Hope Rides is a ground transportation service delivered through Uber providing free car transportation from airport to hospital and accommodation. Full details on Hope Air programs and eligibility can be found online at Hope Air Patient Travel Information
  • Hope Air has operated in the province of Newfoundland & Labrador since inception and during this time has provided over 13,000 travel arrangements. Hope Air supports medical travel for all health conditions including Cancer, Heart Disease, Nervous System Disorders, Organ Transplant, Stroke, Diabetes and Mental Health conditions, among many others.
  • Hope Air’s Co-founders Jinnie Bradshaw and Joan Rogers were like many Canadians living in urban centres – unaware of the need of residents of remote and rural communities or others who must travel for medical care, until they heard of patients taking a long bus trip. Rogers, who volunteered with the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre in Toronto learned through her work that patients were travelling together on a 36-hour bus ride from St. John’s to Toronto for regular care, only to have to take the long journey home after treatment. This awakening ultimately led to her role in the founding of Hope Air.
  • 35% of all travel arrangements facilitated by Hope Air, are for patients who are children and their parents.
  • On average, 44% of patients who travel with Hope Air for medical treatment would cancel or postpone their hospital appointment without our program.
  • Hope Air programs also provide free travel support for escorts accompanying patients for medical treatment.
  • Patients seeking Hope Air travel support can apply online at or by phone at 1.877.346.4673
For further information:
Jodi Lumsden
Director of Marketing & Communications
Tel. 647-688-5634

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