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As Canadians, we are justly proud of our universal healthcare system, but it’s only universal if one can get to it.

Equality of access remains a significant issue. Low-income patients, or parents of patients, in remote rural environments face barriers of time, distance and cost that, for many, are simply beyond their means, especially when multiple visits to specialized care over the course of their treatment is necessary. The need to adjust quickly to a shocking diagnosis and to address how to afford to get to vital care is an unbearable situation too many Canadians are facing today.

At Hope Air, we believe that all Canadians should have access to the healthcare they need. Where you live and how much money you have should not determine your access to specialists and treatments in Canada.

We’re committed to easing the stress of getting there by providing families, from coast-to-coast, with free flights and accommodations.

For 36 years, Hope Air has been there to help Canadian families receive much-needed medical care.
You can make the difference. Your support makes it easier for Canadians who must travel for medical care across their entire journey. At every step along the way, your donation will improve their quality of life while they travel far from home to reach vital medical care and treatments.
Meals and rides
$70 provides a ride from the airport to the hospital and a meal voucher.
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$150 provides a hotel night, conveniently located close to medical care.
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One-way flight
$350 provides one patient with a one-way flight from home to hospital.
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Roundtrip flight
$700 provides a roundtrip flight from home to hospital.
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“Hope Meals” and “Hope Rides” are Hope Air’s two new programs launched in 2022 to support access to health care for low-income families including those living in poverty.

They will significantly reduce financial barriers to accessing health care for millions of Canadians living in smaller and more remote communities.

With over 4 million Canadians presently living in poverty, including 748,000 children, it will alleviate financial hardship relating to transportation and living expenses while travelling to attend medical treatment and care at major hospitals.
At just 32 weeks old, Christian needed a double-lung transplant surgery in Toronto. The 34-hour drive from his home in Newfoundland was not an option. Hope Air flew them.

His mother, Tiffany recalls that she would have gone into debt to finance the regular flying that Christian’s treatment would require.

11 years later, they still regularly make trips to Princess Margaret Hospital in Toronto. Not having to worry about financial arrangements and hotel booking gives Tiffany the peace of mind to focus on Christian’s health.
Elo was diagnosed with chronic lung disease and various complications of prematurity at just four months old. Elo and her mom, Ivy, need to travel from Thunder Bay to Winnipeg to receive treatment.

Ivy did not know how her family would cover travel expenses that Elo needed to reach vital, lifesaving medical care.

Hope Air has been providing them with free fights for the entirety of Elo’s treatment allowing them to stay in their home community of Thunder Bay. Without Hope Air, the family would have been forced to relocate.
Lorena was diagnosed with stage three ovarian cancer four years ago and needed aggressive treatment right away, but it wasn’t available in her small town. Hope Air was there for her then.

Unfortunately, this year her cancer has returned. She will once again need to travel to Toronto every few weeks for lifesaving medical care.

Hope Air greatly improves Lorena’s quality of life, ensuring she does not have to endure a 12-hour drive before and after her chemo, take out a second mortgage, or choose between food and her medical care.
More than ever, Hope Air urgently needs your support to keep up with the growing demand for our services; requests for help have increased by 43% this year.

With the cost of living rising, including food prices at their highest in 41 years (groceries are up by 11.6%) more Canadians than ever are struggling and can’t afford to get to the medical care they need.

A recent survey shows that 9.7 million Canadian adults experience chronic difficulty or challenges in accessing healthcare. And we know that delaying treatment for cancer by even a month can increase a person’s risk of dying by 6% to 13%. At the end of the day, it can take years off of someone’s life.

Hope Air takes on the stress and worry of arranging and financing travel and accommodations so Lorena and others facing a difficult diagnosis can focus on what matters the most: their health.

Through your support, families can overcome the barriers of cost and distance and focus on what’s important – their health. Generous donors like you make it possible for Hope Air to provide free flights and free accommodations so patients can reach health care.

Most importantly, your donation means that no one will have to cancel or postpone their medical appointment due to cost or distance; 33% of patients would cancel their medical appointments without Hope Air.

We acknowledge that we live and work on the unceded, traditional territories of many Indigenous peoples. We are grateful for the privilege of being on lands that these peoples have nurtured since time immemorial.

Hope Air Day proclaimed in Ontario on June 7, 2024
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