Where there's hope, there's Hope Air

These stories represent the many journeys that patients across Canada undertake every day on their road to wellness. Whether traveling to treat cancer, to receive a diagnosis for a condition that local healthcare teams can’t explain, or for important follow up care one key element remains the same in all these stories: Hope Air patients are strong people, contributing to their home communities who didn’t ask to get sick and who find solace in having a place to turn.

The video “Wings of Hope” has been designed to capture that common thread. The stories below speak to the lived experiences of Hope Air patients.

Recent Stories

Stories – Elo

Flying Elo to vital care in Winnipeg Flying Elo to vital care in Winnipeg Ivy gave birth to her daughter Elo at 25 weeks and had chronic lung disease, meningocele

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Stories – Shawna

Getting Shawna to care for 11 years running A Hope Air patient for many years, Shawna from Sault Ste. Marie, ON, was recently featured as a guest speaker as part

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Stories – Lorena

Finding strength and support while fighting cancer After a year of unexplained constipation and abdominal pain, followed by many inconclusive medical test results, Lorena had a surgical intervention in Timmins

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Stories – Lisa

Flying patients to and from care under all sorts of conditions A donor recipient from Winnipeg says she is feeling “110 per cent” after receiving a kidney from an unexpected

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Staying strong and staying home in a remote community Staying strong and staying home in a remote community A diagnosis of a brain tumour is difficult enough. Imagine what a

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Stories – Tiana

Former patient joins the Hope Air Advisory Council Tiana Jackson knows first-hand how important access to medical care is to Canadians. Tiana flew with Hope Air six times from 2002-2013

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We acknowledge that we live and work on the unceded, traditional territories of many Indigenous peoples. We are grateful for the privilege of being on lands that these peoples have nurtured since time immemorial.

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