Eight-year-old boy discovers love for aviation during travel to medical care

When Vincent was a baby, he experienced chronic gastric reflux that led to suction within his lungs. This caused on-going respiratory problems, otorhinolaryngology issues and allergies and had to travel frequently from Sept Illes to Quebec City. With the help of Hope Air, Nicole and Vincent are able to avoid eight-hour drives, which are especially dangerous in the winter, and fly to his treatments.
After someone from a local community service centre introduced them to Hope Air, Nicole and Vincent began their travel with Hope Air. Living in northern Quebec, Sept-Iles, it’s not safe, or even possible sometimes, in winter. In addition to the huge financial cost.
“I am a single mother of five, Hope Air helps not only on the financial side, but also on the organization side, and allows me to be back to my family quicker,” says Nicole.

After their first flight with Hope Air, where Nicole had met one of Hope Air’s volunteer pilots, and flew in a tiny plane, Nicole took initiative to contact us by herself. Now, she’s become friends with Goldie, one of Hope Air’s French speaking Client Services team members.

Vincent loves planes and loves to fly whether a commercial plane or a small aircraft. He particularly enjoys talking with our volunteer pilots.

“The volunteer pilots are wonderful with Vincent. They involve him during the entirety of the journey, from before take-off to after landing. For example, Vincent helped to “decorate” the plane before take-off, install the breaks at wheels of the plane after landing,” says Nicole.

Through the on-plane communication system he listens to everything happening during the flight and can participate in the conversation with the pilot and co-pilot.

They have met a lot of our volunteer pilots throughout their time with Hope Air and Vincent has become especially fond of Patrick, Nicole says Vincent is Patrick’s #1 fan!

Vincent’s gastric reflux issues are still on-going, with asthma, in addition to ear issues and repetitive infections. Vincent is now 8 and returns to Quebec City every 6 at 8 weeks.

We acknowledge that we live and work on the unceded, traditional territories of many Indigenous peoples. We are grateful for the privilege of being on lands that these peoples have nurtured since time immemorial.