Pilots launch annual flight expedition across Canada to raise vital funds and awareness for Canadian patients in need

The volunteer led Give Hope Wings Expedition features three unique expeditions focused on Western Canada, Prairies, and Eastern Canada.
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(TORONTO – May 31, 2023) Pilots are taking to the skies across Canada this June to raise awareness and funds for Hope Air ⁠— Canada’s national charity providing travel support through flights, accommodations, meal vouchers and ground transportation to Canadians in financial need, who must travel to reach medical care far from home.

The sixth annual Give Hope Wings expedition runs from June 5 to June 23 following three routes in Western Canada, the Prairies, and Eastern Canada. The expedition aims to raise $600,000 to support Canadians who must travel from their home communities to access medical care.

Stops along the three routes include large city centre airports, Hope Air patient communities and hallmark aviation communities. The expedition with over 30 planes, includes opportunities for communities to rally together in support of Hope Air patients and connect with the patients who know the impact of Hope Air’s support.

“We are grateful for this outstanding effort and commitment by dedicated volunteers, to support Hope Air’s mission. Our passionate community of pilots, volunteers, sponsors, and donors ensure that Hope Air will deliver on the promise of timely and equitable access to healthcare for all,” said Mark Rubinstein, Chief Hope Officer of Hope Air.

“Everyone deserves access to healthcare. For those in need, Hope Air can help cover travel and other expenses beyond what their provincial plans pay for. Raising awareness and funds for Hope Air is rewarding as it is a worthy cause,” says Doug McNair Give Hope Wings Expedition Captain.

Route dates are as follows:
Eastern Expedition: June 5th-10th
Western Expedition: June 10th-18th
Prairies Expedition: June 18th – 23rd

To date, Give Hope Wings has raised over $1.8 million, providing 5,145 travel arrangements for those in need. To learn more about the Give Hope Wings Expedition and the full list of stops and events visit hopeair.ca/GHW2023.

Media Contact:
Christine Stolte

About Hope Air
Hope Air is Canada’s national charity providing free travel support through flights, accommodations, meals and ground transportation for Canadians in financial need who must access medical care far from home. Since our inception in 1986, Hope Air has provided more than 170,000 travel arrangements for patients regardless of age or medical need. We provide assistance to people living in small and rural communities, where the cost of medical travel is significant. Distance and cost are very real barriers to those wanting to access vital medical care. Hope Air is a unique and essential part of our Canadian healthcare system. Without the access Hope Air provides, our national system of universal healthcare coverage would fall short of its promise and 33 per cent of patients would cancel or postpone their appointments. For more information, visit hopeair.ca

About Give Hope Wings
Give Hope Wings is the largest volunteer-led fundraiser in Hope Air history. A squadron of pilots circumnavigates various parts of the world and more recently Canada to raise money for Hope Air and support Canadian patients who must travel for medical care. Founded in 2017 by Dave McElroy, there have been five expeditions to date. Since its inception, Give Hope Wings has raised $1.8 million providing more than 5,145 Hope Air medical access flights to patients in financial need with free travel to medical care far from home.

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