"Wings of Hope": A Hope Air movie by Sean McBride depicts the journey of Hope Air patients

(November 2, 2023) Hope Air is thrilled to announce the launch of “Wings of Hope” directed by Sean McBride with support from Someplace Nice.

“Wings of Hope” captures the journey of Hope Air patients and the impact the organization has on families living in small, rural Canadian towns getting to vital, lifesaving medical care. The actor and her family are representative of so many patient journeys in our Hope Air universe. The shock of a medical diagnosis and realization that the care you need is a long distance away, the questions of how or if you can access that care, and the complexities of navigating family, work and other obligations compounded by pride and connection to the sense of place your home community provides. All of these questions made easier by the arrival of Wings of Hope which provide access to the care our patients need and deserve, and help them focus on what matters most: their health.

Behind the scenes with Director Sean McBride

Interview question conducted by Little Black Book, full article here

It’s such a storytelling-focused piece of communication. Why does that approach work so well for the brand in this instance?
Sean: To understand what Hope Air does you really have to see how it works and who it works for. Interviews with their pilots and current and former patients revealed many interesting human perspectives and story notes. In consultation with Hope Air Chief Development Officer, Jon Collins, we determined it was best to focus on potential users who might not know that the service exists or what it does.

Insight also came from discussions with creative director Nicole Ellerton. A draw for people living in small towns is that it means that they get to live closer to nature, but that shouldn’t equate to less access to medical care when they’re not able to travel long distances to receive vital medical treatment. Knowing this, the plane becomes a kind of mythic character that helps Taylor surmount this barrier presented by the remoteness of extreme nature that she surrounds herself with.

It included details from the interviews in the film, such as how people learn about the service through their family doctor, how the service remains present throughout the entire treatment cycle, and how the plane’s cabin becomes a kind of solace amid the stress of dealing with serious medical treatments. Cinematographer Devin Karringten literally immersed himself in this project and crafted a beautiful visual story to compliment the emotional elements of the story. I’m very grateful for that collaboration which included his personal set of rehoused anamorphic lenses!
Production Company: Someplace Nice
Executive Producer: Estelle Weir
Producers: Kyle Hollett, Kita Nahanni & David Roncin
Director & Writer: Sean McBride
DOP: Devin Karringten via SESLER
Aerial & Drone Cinematographer: Sean McBride
1st AC: Christian Eggenberger
Gaffer: Greg Goudreau
Key Grip: Duane Osowetski
Best Boy Grip: Chris Jones
Pilot, Kootenays Unit: Thierry Noblet

Editorial Company: Saints Editorial
Editor: Danica Pardo
Assistant Editor: Caitlin MacKay
Executive Producer: Mackenzie Goodwin

Post Production: alter ego
Colourist: Eric Whipp
Motion Design: Rob Fisher & Geneva H.
Producers: Genna McAuliffe & H. Jane Garrah

Audio House: Vapor Music
Score & Sound Design: Dustin Anstey
SFX Artist: Kevin Chamberlain
Executive Producer: Lindsey Serlin
Give Hope Wings Captain: Steve Drinkwater (Hope Air Pilot)
Hero Cirrus 1 Captain: Rupert Robin (Hope Air Pilot)
Hero Cirrus 2 Volunteer Pilot: Valery Milner (Hope Air Volunteer Pilot)
Aerial Filming Coordinator, Formation Pilot, Hero Cirrus 2: Robert Scratch Mitchell
Camera Ship Pilot: Chuck Rebstein

Taylor: Megan Toner
Husband: Dayleigh Nelson
Daughter: Adelyn Bruce
Pilot: Rupert Robin
Doctor: Casey James
Doctor: Kim Hollett

Special Thanks
RAW Camera
West Kootenay Regional Airport
Brilliant Aviation
Lionshead Pub
Don, Judy & Daryl

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