Our 2021 Impact

Reaching new heights in a challenging year
At a time when the health care and travel sectors faced serious challenges posed by COVID-19, Hope Air’s resolve to help Canadians in need access vital medical care was never stronger. Our partners and donors support in 2021 helped us reach new heights by demonstrating the same compassion and determination as the patients we serve.
Hope Air widened our services by going beyond flights to encompass accommodations, bridge and ferry passes, taxis and unprecedented levels of client care. Nothing stood in our way of getting Canadians equal access to life-saving health care no matter where they live or financial situation.

The pandemic has created a massive
backlog in health care.

The need for our assistance has never been greater. With the unwavering support of our donors, we’re
confident we can continue to fulfill every eligible travel request while creating new services for patients and
their families. Together, we can bridge the distance between home and hospital for the growing number of
Canadians on the road to wellness.

Letter from our Chair

Ode to a Dream

Twelve years ago, I joined the Hope Air Board of Directors. After a 35-year career in delivering employee benefits programs, I was instantly captivated by the Hope Air mission. What better benefit is there than helping sick Canadians reach vital medical care regardless of where they live or how much money they have. + Read More

Letter from our CEO

Themes for the Future

If “pivot” was the buzzword of 2020, then “change” was surely the hallmark of 2021. Over the past year, the Hope Air community faced a constantly shifting landscape in the travel and healthcare sector, as Canada continued to grapple with the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite this climate of uncertainty, I am very proud to report that Hope Air facilitated nearly 6,700 travel arrangements in 2021, providing a key service to vulnerable Canadians who must travel to reach medical care. + Read More

Our Accomplishments

2021 was characterized by resilience and determination. In a year like no other, Hope Air persevered in its mission to get Canadians from home to hospital. Against a backdrop of pandemic travel restrictions and treatment backlogs, we widened our scope to assist with not only flights but accommodations and ground transportation, too. Take a look at what we accomplished thanks to your support.

Celebrating Our Volunteer Pilots

Volunteer pilots contributed hours to Hope Air in 2021. Without their crucial support, our mission of helping all Canadians travel from home to hospital could never be realized. By covering the communities that are not well serviced by commercial airlines, Hope Air’s volunteer pilots enable more people to access critical medical appointments. For many patients, some of whom are flying in a small aircraft for the first time, these flights are unforgettable experiences. For pilots, they reap the rewards of combining their passion for aviation with a desire to help others.

Give Hope Wings

In late summer 2021, volunteer pilots took to the skies to help Hope Air connect more patients with life-saving health care. The Give Hope Wings fourth annual expedition, this time through Western Canada, raised enough money to provide 1,689 flights for patients in need! Along the way, volunteers increased awareness about Hope Air and its mission to connect all Canadians with crucial medical care, no matter where they live or their financial circumstances. Discover more about Give Hope Wings and the 2021 fundraising expedition

Hope When There is No Time to Wait

– treated like client quote and layout on Ways to Give Page
“No doctor in North America had seen a case as extreme as mine. I needed to get to Toronto, to the doctors at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre. I didn’t have time to wait. After several flights, all funded by Hope Air, I got the help I needed. I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for Hope Air.”
Brian Button, Saskatoon

A Big Thank You to Our Partners

With significant financial contributions, free travel vouchers, waived landing fees and overall help promoting our cause our corporate and foundation partners are a critical to our success. Without them we would not be able to provide so many Canadians in financial need with free travel and accommodations for medical care far from home. With thanks to all of our supporters, we’re proud to highlight the stories of two partners: Newmont Canada and Ports Toronto.
With operations focused on remote parts of Canada, Newmont Canada is familiar with issues of access in small towns. Their support of Hope Air helps to keep small communities vibrant. Together, we help families like Ivy and Elo’s reach the care they need without moving away from home.
Since its beginning Ports Toronto has helped Hope Air fly. As the owner and operator of Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport Ports Toronto plays a key supporting role. In 2021 all commercial flight activity was suspended at the airport. Likewise, Hope Air plummeted from 1,000 travel arrangements a month to less than 100. But in staying the course, both organizations persevered and ultimately saved lives.

2021 Financial Snapshot

In a year of challenge and adversity, Hope Air focused on fiscal responsibility to deliver the highest level of patient assistance. In 2021, we’re proud to report that 74 cents from every dollar raised funded mission-related expenses. In fact, Hope Air has been recognized as one of the country’s most efficient charities, once again ranking in Charity Intelligence’s top-100, with low administrative costs of just 9 cents on the dollar. We maximize the value of your donations, gifts and government grants so we can help as many Canadians as possible access vital health care. See our audited financial statements here (hyper link to 2ndary nav page)

Where Dollars Came From

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We acknowledge that we live and work on the unceded, traditional territories of many Indigenous peoples. We are grateful for the privilege of being on lands that these peoples have nurtured since time immemorial.

Hope Air Day proclaimed in Ontario on June 7, 2024
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