Help meet a growing demand for healthcare access in Ontario and across Canada.

At just 25 weeks pregnant, Ivy gave birth to her baby girl, Elo. Being severely premature, Elo needed specialized care that wasn’t available in her hometown of Thunder Bay.

Without Hope Air, Ivy had no way of accessing that care without moving her family away from their support system.

Many other families across Ontario face barriers of time, distance, and cost in accessing healthcare.

Help us change that with your empowering donation today. Your gift will be matched until December 31st*!

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No Patient Left Behind

Equality of access remains a significant issue for Canadians living far away from large cities where specialized care is located.

With the rising cost of living, more and more people need our support to reach their vital healthcare.

So far this year, Hope Air has fulfilled 22,206 travel arrangements, helping 2,858 patients access much-needed care.

And we expect to exceed these numbers in 2024, if we have the resources available to do so.
Donate today to help people across Ontario and throughout Canada access vital healthcare, no matter the distance.

Together, we can support better health, reduced poverty and stronger communities. Until December 31st your gift will be matched*, having twice the impact so no patient is left behind!

Make hope take flight

Better Health. Reduced Poverty. Stronger Communities.

Better Health

Rob, Timmins, Ontario

“For the first time the fact that we lived in this beautiful part of the world meant we were at a disadvantage. Flying me back and forth meant I could focus on my health and recovery. Today I’m in remission.”

Reduced Poverty

Heidi, mother to Hope Air Patient Zoe, Windsor, Ontario

“We go every 10 days. It’s very costly, you’re wearing down your vehicle and between the cost of hotels and fuel it quickly adds up. Without Hope Air, that is what we would have had to do to save our child’s life.”

Stronger Communities

Keisha, mother to Hope Air patient Dean, Timmins, Ontario

“Hope Air has taught me that if you just reach out and ask, people are willing to help you out. I am beyond grateful. I don’t think any words can express how thankful we are.”

Be a hero

Support people in Ontario and across Canada with access to vital healthcare.

As the demand for healthcare access across Ontario grows, so too does the need for support from generous people like you.

Join a growing number of people in your community and across Ontario that are helping transform lives with access to vital care, far from home.

You’ll help your neighbours receive the best possible care, exactly when they need it, so they can focus on what matters most: their health.
*Donations will be matched up to $209,000

We acknowledge that we live and work on the unceded, traditional territories of many Indigenous peoples. We are grateful for the privilege of being on lands that these peoples have nurtured since time immemorial.

Hope Air Day proclaimed in Ontario on June 7, 2024
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